About me

Welcome to my personal website. I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics and Business at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona. I am also an Affiliated Professor at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. My research interests mostly relate to  Empirical Industrial Organization, Consumer Policy, and Quantitative Marketing. In my ongoing research I particularly focus on identification and estimation of firms’ supply behavior and on identification of non-standard consumer preferences.



Working Papers

Estimating Industry Conduct in Differentiated Products Markets (with Stefan Weiergraeber)  [pdf]  (Revision requested at the Rand Journal of Economics)

Policy Evaluation in Behavioral Models (with André Stenzel) [pdf]

Estimation of Within-Firm Pricing Coordination between Horizontally Aligned Brands (available upon request)

A Simple Framework to Analyze Data Requirements for Policy Evaluation (with André Stenzel) [pdf]


Work in Progress

Identification of Time-Inconsistent Models (with Aprajit Mahajan and Alessandro Tarozzi)

Identification of Multi-Category Consumer Patterns (with Geert Meesters)

Damaging Manufacturer-Retailer Interactions (with Jose Paz and Stefan Weiergraeber)

Data Requirements for Testing Behavioral Properties of Add-on Pricing Models (with André Stenzel)


Contractual Structures and Consumer Misperceptions  [pdf] (incl. Online Appendix)
Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2018, vol 27 (2), p.188-205.

Market Regulation of Voluntary Add-on Contracts  [pdf]
International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2017, vol 54, p. 239-268.

Environmental Policy Stringency and Technological Innovation: Evidence from Survey Data and Patent Counts (with Nick Johnstone, Ivan Hascic, Julie Poirier and Marion Hemar) Applied Economics, 2012, vol 44(17), p.2157-2170.


Old research papers

Identification and Estimation of Intra-Firm and Industry Competition via Ownership Change

Cooling-off Laws and Pricing under Non-standard Beliefs